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Company Info

ORASKA TECHNOLOGY is one of the leading electrical and electronics based system development and manufacturing company with a vision to create an energetic and skillful technical team with local intellectuals to provide technical solutions for the people. It bears the attitude mounting towards diversity and complexity of techniques, which profoundly attribute to carry the profession out of small entrepreneurship to a vast arena of engineering practice along with technology- based development industry to be more precise as corporate practice of an engineering team. Objectives and visions of our company are:

    • We are always devoted to come over bindings with knowledgeable and qualified specialists through working methodology and research exchanging and sharing of professional & technical knowledge, experience etc.
    • We have the intention of establishing quality design and development of electrical and electronics system utilizing the innovating and eventual grooming maturity of the younger engineers at the same time other professionals like Management Consultants, Architects etc.
    • We have an intense focus on raising professional standards and fostering the profession as a whole. A new generation of architects and engineers, we possibly hope and expect to emerge out of the process confidently.
    • We are also interested to provide consultancy support regarding electrical and electronic based problems. We have good strength of innovating mature engineers and experienced technical staffs.

ORASKA TECHNOLOGY has two sides of system development along with manufacturing if needed. It deals with the following sector of services:

    • Development and manufacturing of electrical and electronics based hardware systems.
    • Development of software systems for electrical and electronics based systems.
    • Provide research based consultancy regarding any problem of electrical and electronics based systems.
    • Development of any customized and generalized software based solution.


Our Philosophy

“Consumer satisfaction should be the first responsibility for any company”, Oraska Technology (pvt) LTD has been following this philosophy from its very inception. And to provide value to the consumer who benefit from its products, the company emphasize on total quality management and integrity.

Oraska Technology has always believed that to be the best one should deliver the best. Therefore the company constantly adapts itself to the changing environment and is strives very hard to upgrade with technology. And for this the company creates an environment to encourage and reward innovations, dedication and teamwork. Oraska Technology believes that there is no short cut to success, but only hard work and perseverance can lead to success. The company being conscious of its responsibility to the society pledges to raise the standard of living of all citizens by actively supporting any cause which is for the upliftment of the society.

Oraska Technology values the life of its consumers and therefore to make their living happy and content, the company designs the most innovative and convenient to use products, which would make their life easier and enjoyable.


Our Core Values

Clients Come First

ORASKA TECHNOLOGY strives to ensure that we function in a way that makes our customer’s lives easier to ensure long and mutually prosperous partnerships.

Our Foundation is Quality

ORASKA TECHNOLOGY is built on quality both in product and especially in service. We aim to provide the best products that we possibly can and support those products with a service that reciprocates that same amount of quality that we strive to provide our customers.

Honest Enterprise

ORASKA TECHNOLOGY tries to be as transparent, honest, and trustworthy as possible both within the company between employees and with our clients and partners to maintain strong growth built on these solid principles.

Maintain Focus

ORASKA TECHNOLOGY is committed to growing within the consumer and corporate industry by constantly improving without deviating from our primary goals and product segments. In doing so we hope that, we can achieve excellence within our industry and lead accordingly.