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Queue Management

eQ redefines customer care to a highly customer centric concept. eQ tunes up your waiting area so that your clients have a pleasant experience throughout by offering them hassle-free and personalized service. The main objective of this system is to stream line the customer and create chaotic free situations. A chaos free environment is the key to attain highest level satisfaction of customer. This system is ideal for those organizations who want to see the customer satisfaction experience as competitive edge. This systematic approach towards crowd management gives control to the front-end personnel, thereby empowering them to ensure better service. Our Real Time Reporting Engine equips the management with information to measure their staff’s performance against service standards for continuous improvement. The voice calling system for announcement gives the flexibility of choosing the language. Voice calling system provides the facility of promotional message announcement. The outcomes of eQ are satisfied customers, empowered employee and informed management. All these translate into increased revenue for your business.

Queue System


  1. Token Dispenser Unit
  2. Status Display Unit
  3. Advertising Display Unit 4. Information Display Unit 5. Counter Display Unit
  4. Teller Station Unit
  5. Audio notification Unit 8. Opinion plus


Token Dispenser Unit


TDU Lite is an important and innovative user friendly eQ element which is uniquely designed for customer centric businesses. TDU Lite has a bright L.E.D. backlit display with a sleek smart and fit design brushed with steel finish. TDU Lite incorpo- rates with high end, faster and superior quality printing technology. TDU Lite can be customized accordingly with the requirements.



  • Capability to display multiple categories per TDU Lite
  • Pre-designed screen templates for easy personal- ization of graphics-rich user interface
  • Long-life printer capable of fast, high resolution ticket printing
  • Multiple TDUs can be installed to accommodate more service categories
  • Easy content management through user-friendly ticket dispensing software allowing printing of advertising messages, logos, date and time, aver- age waiting time, tentative service time
  • LED backlit user interface
  • Ticket can be requested by SMS and the token dispenser unit will print that token.


Touch Screen Kiosk

Touch Screen Kiosk is an interactive device which provides an opportunity to interact with customers, promote products and deliver an enjoyable experience. Touch Screen Kiosk is a 22 inch L.C.D. capacitive touch screen. This kiosk has the flexibility of adding several number of service categories. Oraska provides Touch screen ticket dispensing unit with two redundant auto-cut printers, that is, to support large number of customers. Oraska uses Thermal printers which are environment friendly.


  • Enables priority ticket issuing on the basis of customer information acquired from loyalty/membershipcards
  • The digital interface accommodates multiple cat- egories
  • Screen saver mood can shoe eye catching, dy- namic promotional mediato captivate the audi- ence
  • Multiple navigational screens can be used to in- form and guide customers through the process of acquiring a ticket in an organized and methodical approach
  • With SMS reminder add on product, customers are sent an SMS on theircell phone just before their turn
  • Optional magnetic/RFID card reader/barcode reader interfaces are available


Smart Appointment

Web based Appointment


With the help of our Advanced Web Bases Ap- pointment Feature, customers can now book their appointments online before arriving at the branch. Customer can book their token number from the web site of the company. From web, the booked token number will be reserved automatically for the customer. It will enhance the service quality of the organization.


  • System will preserve the token number for the customer who booked the number on web.
  • SMS and e-mail based notification with possible approach time, average waiting time, average service time.
  • Multilingual web based token outlets.
  • Reducing actual and perceived waiting time.


SMS based Appointment

Customers whose are on movement can book their time slot with SMS based Appointment. She/he can receive their tickets by sending an SMS to the sys- tem. In response, the system sends an SMS-Ticket which includes the following information:

  • Ticket Number
  • Waiting clients number
  • Average Waiting Time
  • Average Service Time
  • Approximate Customer Approach Time



  • Clients on movement get the chance to book their suitable time slot.
  • Token number will be informed by SMS includ- ing the average waiting time, average service time etc.
  • One token can book from single mobile number at a time.


Status Display Unit


To ensure that the waiting customers don’t miss their turn, the ticket number is flashed on a display along with an audio announcement in a male/female voice. The status display unit can be of 1 to 4 lines and is a Tri-color L.E.D based display with the option to display scrolling messages and directional arrows. Our SDU has the capacity to display various languages including English, Benga- li etc. The ticket information will be displayed from latest (first line) to earliest (last line).


  • Strategically mounted in waiting areas to direct the crowd towards service counters
  • Flashes ticket numbers to be served along with their respective service counters
  • Multiple SDUs can be installed at different loca- tions in a single facility to display similar or dis- parate information
  • Display effects include scrolling from any direc- tion and flashing for a predefined time period
  • Information can be displayed in different lan- guages
  • Shows promotional messages in idle state
  • Cube SDU as an extension is also available for clients who want to display other information using LED displays.


Advertising Display Unit


Multimedia Controller converts your lobby L.C.D. screen into status display unit. This advanced status display unit provides high resolution full color graphics for ticket calling. This helps the organization to keep their customers engaged while waiting for their turn and reduce their perceived and actual waiting times. The organization can also enhance their sales by exposing the waiting customers to advertisements and promotional messages.


  • Flexible template design and scheduling– reflect your brand
  • Live TV Streaming – entertainment
  • High Definition Videos & Images – tokeep customers informed. You can alsouse this to inform about your business, new offers, or simply inform them about changes
  • Centralized real time updates – to connect with queuing, display ticketnumbers being served
  • Media content can be automatically synchro- nized and updated on display through a central web-based server over LAN/WAN.
  • ADU is available in horizontal andvertical display option


Information Display Unit


USB controlled Moving Display – This display will be connected with the system. The authority can use it for displaying promotional messages. Moreover this display unit can be used to display important information about the company whose are necessary for the customers.


  • Moving/ Flashing/ Still message can be displayed in IDU.
  • Single/ Dual line message can be accommodated in the same display.
  • Instant message loading.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Customized length and width of display area.
  • Multicolor, various font style and font size of message.
  • Multilingual message display.


Counter Display Unit


The counter display unit notifies waiting customers of the counter number and the ticket being served on each counter. The installation can be done through various techniques like wall mounted CDU’s, desk fixed or suspended from ceiling. Counter number can be programmed. CDU’s are also available in different colors.


  • Displays the ticket number to be served along with the counter number
  • Activated when the service representative logged in by providing customer id and password
  • When the counter is logged out, CDU displays “OFF” or closed or any other customized message. √ When the counter is inactive for 10 mins, CDU enters in power saving mode and shutdown the display.
  • Labeled with counter number for easy identification
  • Information can be displayed indifferent languages
  • If any representative wants to leave that desk, then he/she can make that counter idle by dis- playing OFF and he/she can make that counter active by re-logging into the system.
  • In a particular day, If you are seeing that cash deposit customers number will be much higher, you can increase the booth number of cash depos- it by borrowing booth from cash withdrawal. It can be done software programming. It will help you to handle customer dynamically.


Soft Teller Station Unit


The Soft TSU is a software based Teller Station Unit (TSU). Soft TSU saves the space on the desk of your staff, making room for things that they need to serve better. Soft TSU is installed on a PC or a tablet, whichever device your environment supports for your staff. Your staff can perform all the customer service functions such as call, serve, pause, transfer and finish from this unit.


  • Shows the average wait-time of customers in the current category
  • Teller can define multiple services (matter codes) against a single ticket for a customer
  • Supports multiple work flows allowing calling from single or multiple categories
  • Sequential and random calling of customers
  • Notifies teller via popup when a ticket is generated
  • It supports centralized architecture
  • Multilingual Support


Hard Teller Station Unit


This is a keyboard based ticket calling device and it allows the C.S.R. to control service – Next, Wait,Transfer, No-Show, etc. The L.C.D. display on the hard TSU keeps on giving constant information like clock wait, reminder blinks, etc.


  • Password protected staff login.
  • counter borrowing facility.
  • alarm access facility.
  • system status indicator.
  • Priority call option.
  • Recall and miss call option.
  • LCD based status display.
  • Easy switch orientation.


Audio Notification Unit

Voice Calling System


A voice will be played to alert the customer along with the flashing display. Voice will be played from the ceiling or wall mounted speaker. Token number and counter number will be heard from the voice calling system. The calling system is controlled by the server which is synchronized with each call. Intensity of the sound can be controlled centrally. The system can play different sound according to different language and different voice (male/ fe- male).


  • Point and periodic announcement
  • Promotional message announcement
  • Token announcement
  • Male/ female voice selection


Ding-Dong Bell

Audio sound is used as an audio notification unit to alert the customer. Sometimes voice call shows delay when some quick call occurred. But audio sound can serve this scenario more efficiently. Sev- eral tone option can integrated into this system. Audio system is installed within SDU.


  • Different tone style can be inserted into the sys- tem.
  • Audio notification with each call, re-call, miss call.
  • Smart way to alert the customer without voice.


eQ Reporting


Central Reporting Solution (CRS) is an extension of the business intelligence tool kit built into all ORASKA Solutions. CRS gives your organization the ability to analyze service quality and performance data in real time from a central location. This feature enables the management to compare data of all their branches to check on service quality levels. The powerful reporting engine provides detailed data graphical and tabular summary reports enabling top management to view live data trends and make well informed decisions to improve service quality. The data can be accessed from anywhere in the world over an Internet connection. Central Reporting Software is an ideal solution for organization to streamline their performance across a large and a busy operational network.


  • Real time performance summary
  • Service monitoring tracks service at all branches and can be customized to provide information based on the user access levels
  • Business reporting generates performance trends
  • Data comparison benchmarks across branches
  • Smart design for branch, regional and company data
  • Web based viewing across operational network
  • Data exportability into all standard file formats or can be copied to an e-mail. The software alsosupports multiple database software
  • Multilingual real time reports and monitoring


Branch Reporting


Every branch which has Oraska’s EQMS installed is provided with a powerful branch reporting software. This software basically gives real time reports to the management about the current service quality levels in the branch, such as the numbers of customer served/waiting, average waiting/serving time, etc. the software then compiles all this data in pre-defined reporting formats for the management to analyze. These reports include a front line staff efficiency reports, indications of peak hours repot and a daily activity report which summarized all the data of that particular day.


  • Real time performance reports available
  • Monitor current service quality levels at each branch
  • Smart design for branch data


Opinion Plus


Customer service can be improved if you are listening to them. For maximum care for your customer and a real time feedback from them – Oraska Opinion Plus is the perfect solution. It enables you easily create and publish professional polls and view your customer responses in real time.


  • Promotional video player during idle time
  • Flexible reports and real time dashboards
  • Multi Lingual User InterfaceCentrally Updatable
  • Create Customized Polls using Poll Designer PowerPoint Plug-in
  • Multiple Poll Scheduler
  • Filter Criteria
  • Works in Standalone Mode as well
  • Seamless Integration with Oraska’s EQMS & ADU