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Emergency Industrial Fog Light



The Emergency Two headed light developed by ORASKA TECHNOLOGY is a kind of practical and reliable emergency light source. When public electric supply stops suddenly , the emergency light turns on automatically . When public electricity supply returns to normal, it turns off automatically and recharge the batteries up to a threshold level. Moreover , with innovative energy efficient technology, the FSFL-V6Y15B can save up to 72% of power consumption for Pulsed controlled LED drive which makes an eco-friendly solution for your factories, shops, auditoriums, office buildings, hotels, banks, hospitals, post offices, scientific and educational agency, underground, family, high building and fire brigade.

The Fire Synchronized High Beam Foggy Lamp System (FSFL) combines the extremely high reliability of integrated circuit enhanced technology with the most advanced protective enclosure in the industry. The Fire Synchronized High Beam Foggy Lamp System (FSFL) has four major parts; one is lamp containing LED 1W ~ 6W, 3.6V rating, second part is the power and control box, third part is the energy storage portion (Battery) and last one is the fire detection unit. In power and control box, there are dry cell or Lead acid batteries for supplying constant 6V dc and a control section for controlling the overall system. It is an intelligent and modern system with smart controlling features described at the features of the product section. The overall system is run by 220V AC line . The system is initiated by switching the main power switch at the left side of the box. There are some indicator lights for representing the different status of the system. One is for indication of charge status. There is a main line indicator for indicating the grid line existence. Once the master switch is turned on the system synchronizes itself with the fire detection unit. In on mode, when the system is connected to the main grid line, control system will initiate the battery charging and checking the battery status whether battery is fully charged or not. If the battery is fully charged, the charging line will be disconnected. In this state, continuous checking of the battery voltage level will be going on to sense when battery is needed to be charged. When the system is on charging mode, the same checking of the voltage level is made for taking the decision when the battery is on full charged status. Up to entering that status battery charging will be on process. When the system is in the load shedding or in emergency condition (power line disconnection for setting fire), the control system turns on the emergency fog light to scout the victims towards the exit path. Here, Fog lamp is being used as the exit path indicator in highly smoky environment. When a fire alarm turns on the foggy lamp enlighten whether electricity main line present or not. During a fire condition if main power supply line present the foggy lamp will consume power from main line else it will take power from the back up battery. If the main power line turns off any time the fog lamp will also be enlighten whether the fire alarm turns ON or OFF. This is one of the additional features which have been installed in the system. Overall the system contains artificial intelligence to decide what needs to be done. Only the master switch needs to be turned on.

Battery Charging Specifications

  • A Well Designed “Intelligent Charging System”
  • Combination of trickle charging and float charging method
  • Protection against overcharging and full discharging
  • Emergency Conversion Time ≤ 800ms
  • Full charge time 16~18 hours
  • Input 180V~240V,50/60 Hz,100mA charge/time, AC main Line
  • Input Power 600mW
  • High inrush current filtering and power factor correction technology implemented
  • Full charge LED indicator, Charging/ Resting indication LED

Battery Specifications

  • 6 V, 4.5 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • 500 times charging cycle

Fog Light Specifications

  • High power 12 LED connection
  • 6 Watt output power with high penetrating ability equivalent to 30 watt Halogen Lamp
  • 450~500 Lumen output luminous flux
  • Approx, 50~60 feet distance coverage with 450 viewing angle
  • Warm yellow, Light Yellow, Warm White fog light color available

Fire panel interfacing Specifications

  • 6 V to 24 V fire input signal available
  • 6 V fire output signal available
  • Full isolation between fire control panel and fog lamp
  • Both wired and wireless signal transmission
  • High power fire signal receiver and transmitter available

Fire signal transmitter Specifications

  • 12 Watt , 4 MHz short wave transmitter
  • Signal transmission range aprox. 100 -150 meter in open space
  • Security coded transmission with strong firewall
  • 6V inclusive and exclusive power supply
  • Inclusive and exclusive transmitter module available

Fire signal receiver Specifications

  • Super heterodyne powerful receiver
  • 100 -150 meter receiving range
  • Inclusive and exclusive receiver module available

Physical Dimensions

  • 5 x 6 x 3.1 inch soft metal casing
  • Mass / unit: 2250 gm
  • Fire Proof Metal Body


  • Heavy Duty Battery 6V-4.5AH
  • 2 Hours Intelligent Backup
  • Battery Test Switch
  • Charging Status Indication
  • Protection against battery overcharging and full discharging for longer battery life
  • Auto Light up during power failure
  • Built in AC Charger
  • External panel mount safety fuse
  • High Inrush Current Protection and Power Factor correction Technology
  • 6 watt LED Light
  • 4 inch dome reflector for wider light distribution
  • Fire Alarm indicator


  • Input voltage: 180V-240V,100mA,50/60Hz
  • Lamps: 2×3Watt LED Light
  • Luminous Flux: 450-500 Lumen net directional output
  • Luminous Intensity: 25~30 LUX Light at 10 feet distance @ Full Charge
  • Battery: 6V-4.5AH Heavy Duty
  • Recharging Time: 16-18 Hours
  • Fire Input Signal: 6V-24V
  • Isolation: Full Isolation between fire panel and Light module
  • Response Time: Less than 800 ms
  • Capacity of Fully Charge Battery: 5 Hours
  • Operating Relative Humidity : Less than 85%
  • Operating Temperature: -100C to 700C

Typical Application
Typical Network Fire Sync Fog Light

Operation and Maintenance

  • The unit Should be charged for 24 hours before initial operation.
  • It usually be installed in stairs, gate, door channels and so on. Distance with the floor about 1.8 meter. There are two pieces hooks in the back of the light , can be hung the wall easily.
  • Add the DC insurance and 220V public electricity, it will work after recharged 18 hours.
  • The unit should always be connected with AC power source and the master switch be turned to the ON position for it to light up automatically after power failure. The light will be turned off automatically after 2 hours and the system will hibernate to prolong battery life.
  • Blue indicator light show public electricity , Yellow Indicator Light show battery already felled , Red indicator light stop means recharging , Red indicator light means Fire Alarm.


  • Do not touch the device with bare hand if your body is grounded.
  • Make sure to unplug the unit before changing the fuse.
  • Make sure to turn off all the switches if the device is not in use for a long time.
  • To prolong battery life , charge the battery for 24 hours when the lamp is not in use. It is also advisable to discharge the battery for every 3 months.
  • Do not power up the device if the circuit is not connected with the battery unit.