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New Version of EXIT Sign Light Launched

For all commercial place where public gathering takes place EXIT Sign Light is the most essential device which is mounted at every exit point on that place. Oraska Technology has recently developed an ungraded version of exit sign light which has very uniform light distribution that makes it easier to see the sign from a long distance. The device run with the presence / absence of public electricity. During power failure the device can provide 5-6 hrs of smart Backup. For efficient battery and power management technology the device last longer than other existing product in market. The Outfit of the sign can be designed according to the client’s requirement for larger shipment. The product has better way to mount it on the wall or hang it from the ceiling which makes this product as an excellent choice for : Factories, Cinemas, Shops and Supermarkets, Auditoriums, Office buildings, Hotels, Banks, Hospitals, Post office, Scientific and Educational agency, Underground, Family, High building and Fire brigade.


SLX-R-W-F-A-TES46 LED-Exit-Sign-Fixtures-GAL000-LEDExit.Gallery 450mmx150mm-LEFT-exit